More Time to Care for You

Feel like your doctor is rushing to get to the next patient lingering in the waiting room?

Unlike doctors who must churn an increasingly large volume of billable visits to make a living from insurance reimbursements, your IdealMD affiliated doctor works directly for you. Focusing on a much smaller number of patients and being free from insurance billing, your doctor can take the time needed to address all your questions and concerns.

As an IdealMD member, you will enjoy:

  • Same or next day appointments with little to no wait time
  • The time you need to discuss all your health concerns
  • A doctor who knows you as a person
For Patients Please fill out the form below to learn the benefits of Direct Primary Care from a doctor near you.
For Physicians To learn more about becoming a Direct Care Practitioner who is able to spend more time with your patients while building a sustainable practice, please fill out the form below.

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