Easy and Flexible Access To Your Doctor

Say goodbye to the headaches of scheduling office visits several days or weeks in advance, with limited time slots to meet your schedule. As an IdealMD Member, you gain easy and flexible access to your doctor.your IdealMD affiliate doctor works directly for you, unlike doctors who are paid by the type and volume of billable office visits to an insurance company.

The freedom of this direct relationship means you will enjoy:

Same or Next Day Office Appointments

With a much smaller number of patients to serve vs. doctors who are paid by the insurance companies, IdealMD affiliated doctors are easily accessible for office visits.

Direct Phone Access to Your Doctor

(That’s right, you will have your doctor’s mobile phone #)

You will have the flexibility to call your doctor anytime you have a question, or an immediate need vs. needing to make an office visit for everything.

Secure Text Messaging

Gain the convenience to secure message when a phone call is not convenient, or having readable information is more helpful (No more translating doctor’s handwriting or fumbling through medication pronunciations!)

Video Conferencing

Let’s take a look right now! Modern technology makes a face-to-face conversation possible from almost anywhere. Use Skype, FaceTime or similar video conferencing with your doctor.

For Patients Please fill out the form below to learn the benefits of Direct Primary Care from a doctor near you.
For Physicians To learn more about becoming a Direct Care Practitioner who is able to spend more time with your patients while building a sustainable practice, please fill out the form below.

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