We believe insurance should be for the “big stuff”, while everyday care should be a close relationship between you and your doctor.

It’s the way healthcare used to be. It’s the way it works with other high value things we seek to maintain and protect, such as our automobile and your home. Why has this changed when it comes to our most valuable asset – our health?

Somewhere along the way, insurance companies and hospitals shifted healthcare’s focus to a profit system driven by volume of billable fees.

And with those changes, primary care doctors became overloaded, constrained with the care they could provide their patients and forced to focus more time on billing vs. quality of care – just to stay afloat. As medical consumers, we know the rest of the story – soaring insurance costs, giant deductibles before the “benefits” of our insurance kick in and declining care.

IdealMD is about bringing primary care back to health.

Through our simple direct primary care membership program, we connect patients with top quality doctors. Doctors who work directly for their patients, with the time and freedom to actively guide their health. We’ve revived a business model where the patient as a person comes first and quality of care is the sole objective. It’s Time to Be Well and Stay Well. It’s Time for Personal Healthcare™!

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For Physicians To learn more about becoming a Direct Care Practitioner who is able to spend more time with your patients while building a sustainable practice, please fill out the form below.

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