Tiger Properties: Thinking Outside the Health Benefits Box

A case study in how a small company is enjoying health benefits for 71% less than insurance.

Tiger Properties is a full service real estate sales and management company located in Clemson, South Carolina. It is one of the most successful property management companies in the area, managing roughly $52 million in assets.

Like many small companies, they faced numerous challenges in offering healthcare benefits.

• No control over health insurance costs
• High out-of-pocket costs for employees
• Poor access to Primary Care

Unlike many small companies they didn’t stick with the status quo, Now Tiger Properties enjoys:

• 71% employer savings compared to group insurance plan cost
• 100% employee out-of-pocket savings for Primary Care
• Improved employee satisfaction and productivity

In conclusion, Tiger Properties found the IdealMD Direct Care program to be a powerful solution for providing employees an effective healthcare benefit.

The IdealMD program is a cost-effective, predictable expense for the company and provides employees an exceptional health care benefit that is uncommon in a small business.

Cost savings for both the company and employees, improved productivity and increased employee satisfaction have made the IdealMD program a win for Tiger Properties.

To get the Whole Picture, download the complete case study.

Download The Complete Tiger Properties Case Study

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