Stem Cell Therapy Gave Me My Life Back

“I wanted to return to competitive swimming. It was the reason I always kept in shape. But the pain in my shoulders took that away from me,” said Bill.

Bill, a successful entrepreneur and Leadership Coach, tells how chronic pain forced him to limit many of his physical activities and all but give up on participating in many of the sports that he loves.

Like many mid-lifers who are experiencing achy joints, arthritis or some form of degenerative condition, Bill had reached the point where the pain of physical activity was preventing him from enjoying life, despite the desire and grit to push through it.

That was until he learned about Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy.

“I was talking to a doctor friend of mine, and he started telling me about Stem Cell Therapy. About how it could regrow the soft tissue in my joints and possibly return them to a more youthful condition – needless to say, that was very exciting.” Bill said.

Bill researched stem cells and learned that Stem Cell Therapy was a non-invasive outpatient procedure that allows you to avoid the painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods indicative of invasive joint surgeries and the side effects of pain medicine.

His friend suggested meeting with Dr. Daniel Tran, an Internal Medicine doctor in the Greenville, SC area with experience in Regenerative Medicine.

“I called up Dr. Tran’s office and made an appointment right away,” he said. “Dr. Tran was very inviting and spent a lot of time with me explaining what stem cells could and could not do. I felt very comfortable with him and his depth of knowledge on the subject.”

Bill explained that he did not want to have another surgery. He had the labrum in both shoulders and the meniscus in both knees reattached a few years back and did not want to go through another lengthy recovery and rehabilitation period. The fact that Stem Cell Therapy was a non-invasive procedure with no downtime was ideal for Bill.

“I decided to move forward with the stem cell procedure. Dr. Tran injected stem cells in both my shoulders and in both knees – that was a great decision,” he said.

Within a week of the procedure, Bill began noticing some positive effects of the treatment, including less inflammation. “While sleeping with my arm tucked up under my pillow, my shoulder did not hurt. That was different. Before the procedure, my shoulder was screaming at me in less than a minute.”

Within 8 weeks following treatment, Bill was noticing significant improvements in both his shoulders and knees — he was now able to exercise longer and without the aching, burning and popping in his joints. By week 8, Bill was amazed at the difference in his comfort level and the strength he regained through being able to truly exercise again.

“Before, I was doing 10 reps of 30 pounds total on military press – and the pain told me I was done. Now I am doing 30 reps of 60 pounds. Also, where I used to do 20 squats I am now doing 200 squats – that was unheard of a few months earlier,” he said.

Bill’s stamina has also improved dramatically; he is now back in the pool and enjoying every pain-free lap he swims – he’s up to 24 laps in the pool; whereas before he could do only a few laps before yielding to the pain in his shoulders.

“What I am doing now I couldn’t imagine doing a few months ago. I went bike riding with my brother and rode for 15 miles. I went kayaking, and I am even doing yoga again,” Bill said. “There’s no doubt that Stem Cell Therapy has given me my life back”.

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