• Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

    Throughout the land, fresh fruits and veggies are popping up not only in the fields and orchards, but also at local farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and roadside stands. And with warmer weather comes a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies. That’s why June has been designated as National Fruit

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  • How Sunglasses Can Be Essential to Our Health

    Most of us know the importance of protecting our skin from the harsh rays of the sun while playing in the park or hitting the beach. But how many of us realize the importance of protecting our eyes from the same harsh rays? That’s why sunglasses are essential to

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  • Know the Risks of UV Exposure

    The sun’s rays make us feel good, and make us look good too! But exposure to sun is no day at the beach. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, and tanning beds, can penetrate and change skin cells, accelerate the effects of aging, and increase your risk for

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  • It’s So Simple.

    Seventy-five percent of us don’t get enough. And we need it badly, everyday in fact. It’s so important to our health that our body actually has a mechanism in place to let us know when we need it. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our body needs it to function

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    Water and Good Health
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