• Making the Most Your Doctor Visit

    As we’ve seen in last week’s blog, time with your doctor is limited in most appointments. When your doctor rushes, you may forget some of your questions, concerns, or confuse what you heard. You end up leaving the doctor’s office feeling like you need another appointment just to clarify

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    Making the Most of Your Doctor Visit
  • A Healthy Relationship

    The patient/doctor relationship, it’s the cornerstone of healthcare. It’s the avenue in which data are gathered, diagnoses are made, treatments are discussed, and healing begins. Since ancient times, doctors have recognized that the well being of their patients depends upon effective communication between themselves and the patient. Today, effective

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    Doctor Patient Relationship
  • Fruit – The Original “Fast Food”

    Fruits are nature’s gift. They are nutritious, delicious and mankind has been enjoying their “fruits” for eons. Some folks even call them nature’s original “Fast Food.” They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, carbohydrates, and phytochemicals. Most importantly, they are packed full of powerful antioxidants. In fact,

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  • Can You Say “Cruciferous”

    The big C. It terrifies most of us. Especially if you have a family history of breast, prostate or colon cancer. But what can you do? Just sit around until cancer rears its ugly head? No, take control. If you really want to fight the scourge of cancer, and

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