Are You Pitting Your Employees Needs Against Your Health Benefits Budget?

No one likes to pay more and get less.

Unfortunately, that’s what many small business owners and HR professionals are getting for their healthcare dollars.

But what can you do about it? Until now, there weren’t many options.

Today, a new health benefits model is empowering small businesses to control costs and enhance employee benefits.

“This approach typically saves employers double-digits over traditional group plans, while delivering a more efficient and economical healthcare experience,” says IdealMD Cofounder Shawn Fox.

IdealMD is the leader in Direct Primary Care based healthcare benefits for businesses up to 300 employees.

Direct Primary Care is an approach to healthcare where most of your care is included as part of low cost membership, caps the cost into an affordable, manageable, flat monthly fee.

“We took a step back and examined the fundamental problems with traditional health plans. That gave us the clarity to develop a better model that doesn’t pit your employees’ needs against your company’s budget,” Fox explained.

Our program eliminates the unnecessary costs and hassles of using insurance (an inefficient, claims-driven system) to finance everyday care, he says.

“It’s when insurance claims are filed for every little thing that drives insurance premiums up. Direct Primary care solves this problem,” he explains.

Direct Primary Care based benefits program separate the “everyday care” and “coverage” components into a plan design that allows employers to gain better control, price transparency and improved value in their health benefits program.

“Our solution divides your healthcare needs into those everyday healthcare services which are used most often– routine physicals, acute care, urgent care, chronic condition management, refills, lab orders: basically 80-90 percent of services primary care handles—and those which are used rarely: hospitalizations, cancer treatments, surgeries, etc. By doing this, company’s save money and provide employees the health services they use most,” Fox says.

The Takeaway

A Direct Primary Care based health benefits plan provides employers costs saving and a high-quality benefit that aids in attracting and retaining top notch employees, while providing employees out-of-pocket cost savings and a greater level of convenience and quality of care.


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