Integrative Medical Weight Loss

Integrative Medical Weight Loss Program

Look Well. Feel Well. BE Well. Naturally.

Welcome to the Integrative Medical Weight Loss program.  It’s time to shed the unhealthy weight and keep it off by focusing on the “Whole You”.

This is not a program for those who just want to get skinny fast — no matter what the cost.

It is a program about building the healthiest “You” — and that goes well beyond a scale reading!

Working with an experienced Board Certified Physician trained in *Integrative Medicine, you will:

  • Achieve clarity on the root cause(s) of your weight issues
  • Learn how to use food as medicine for wellness
  • Receive personalized guidance and support from your Integrative Medicine doctor
  • Develop a lasting approach to exercise that fits you
  • Build techniques to balance Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Lose unhealthy weight and know what Optimal Wellness feels like!

How it Works

It all begins with taking the time to understand what is weighing you down today and how your total health systems are functioning for you as an individual.
Then, you will have the expert guidance and support you deserve in reaching and maintaining your goals for the healthiest you!

The 6 Month Program follows 5 proven steps:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is an important first step.  You will meet one-on-one with the doctor, who will take the time to get to know you.  In this meeting, you will review your medical history, discuss how you view your weight and wellness today, and get an understanding of where you would like to see yourself in the future.  The doctor will also discuss their Integrative Medicine approach to addressing weight issues, so you can both decide if the program is a good fit for you.

Step 2:  Discovery

Now it’s time to get a comprehensive understanding of where you stand today with your overall wellness.  You and your doctor will explore and pinpoint the root causes of your weight and overall wellness challenges.  As applicable to your personal needs, initial lab tests will be run during this step.

Step 3:  The Roadmap

To reach your goals, you must chart the right course.  Your doctor will create a personalized plan that takes you there.  This is where the Integrative Medicine approach really shines.  There is no “One-Size Fits All” when it comes to your unique body, mind and spirit.  Your doctor will work with you to create the roadmap that fits YOU.

Step 4:  The Journey

Think of your doctor as an expert guide on your journey.  Leading, supporting and teaching you along the way as you shed unnecessary weight.   Close communication between you and your doctor will keep a clear picture of your progress, help you stay on track and fine-tune your path. Taking control of your weight and overall wellness is a process, and your doctor will be the rock you can lean on.

Step 5:  Staying Well

The knowledge, tools and support that are foundational to the Integrative Medicine approach to weight loss are focused on keeping you well.  This is not a crash course with a “Quick Fix” objective.  This program is about building total wellness, with lasting and progressive results.  You will be equipped with deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself and how to keep your weight — as part of the whole you — at optimal wellness. After the program, you can even choose to keep your doctor on the journey with you on an ongoing basis with our Stay Well™ Concierge Medicine Program.

Program Services & Pricing:

We offer an affordable program with a simple fee structure.

Program Services include:

  • Initial Consultation – $149
  • Unrushed consultation to review medical history, current challenges and your goals for your weight and total health
  • 6 Month Healthy Weight Program Fee – $299 per month; or $1,599 pre-paid (11% Savings)
  • All In-Office Consultations
  • Direct Access via Cell Phone to your Doctor
  • Weight Loss Plan Development
  • Hormone analysis and support
  • Diet, Nutrition, Lifestyle Journal
  • Exercise Goals & Tracker
  • Self-Care Assessment Tool
  • Monthly Progress Review Consultations

More About Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is a healing-oriented approach to medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.

Physicians trained in Integrative Medicine look across the whole spectrum of scientifically valid options in treating their patients, enabling them to explore less invasive therapies oriented to helping the body heal itself.

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