Integrative Weight Loss

Weight loss never seems to go out of style. It’s such an American pastime that more than 60 percent of us attempt at least one weight-loss effort a year. That’s roughly 45 million Americans that annually embark on some form of weight loss.

We spend $33 billion a year on weight loss, yet nearly two-thirds of us are overweight or obese. That’s an awful lot of powders, foods and gym memberships – Maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

Integrative medical weight loss is that approach. It is based on health, wellness and balance, not calories and quick weight loss plans.

This integrative approach veers from the conventional wisdom of the “calories in / calories out” formula and uses an integrative, holistic approach that’s leads to healthy weight loss that endures, not yo-yos up and down.

“I’ve had a lot of success helping people lose weight,” says Dr. Maria Cayelli. “In the past 20 years, I’ve learned there’s no magical powder or secret fruit extract that leads to weight loss.  Success is a result of 4 things:

1.    Emphasizing wellness over calories
2.    Treating the root cause, not the symptoms
3.    Personalizing a plan that works
4.    Providing personalized assessment and ongoing support.”

Dr. Cayelli, who is an Integrative Medicine weight loss doctor in Anderson, SC, says healthy and lasting weight loss starts with understanding the individual’s unique needs, wants and lifestyles.
She says before doing anything in regards to weight loss, she first dives into the physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors that impacts a patient’s life.

“We discuss stress levels, exercise history, quality of sleep, and daily diet. Along with their intake of supplements, vitamins, alcohol, and other chemicals, such as caffeine, processed foods, and pharmaceuticals,” she says. “Only by understanding the whole person, can I build a comprehensive program that works best for them.”

Her integrative approach results in healthy weight loss that endures, not short-term progress that recedes quickly, she adds.

Integrative Medicine is a healing-oriented approach to medicine that considers the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) and emphasizes the use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.

Physicians trained in Integrative Medicine look across the whole spectrum of scientifically valid options in treating their patients, enabling them to explore less invasive therapies in helping the body heal itself.

This approached is backed up by research from the National Institute of Health and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Research has shown the key to weight loss appears to be a highly personalized, integrative approach rather than sheer willpower, continuous exercise and trendy diets.

“Everyone is different, that’s why quick, trendy one-size fits all weight loss programs don’t last. They don’t address the patient’s unique needs and the roots causes; they just treat the symptoms,” she explains.

Cayelli cautions against quick weight loss programs because most of the programs target the masses, not individuals.  And often, the focus of these programs is on what happens with the bathroom scale, not patient’s wellness.

She readily admits that losing and then keeping the weight off is not easy – especially as we age, but emphasizes it’s possible for people to reach their healthy weight by focusing on wellness and balance first, not pounds.

“I always tell my patients that before they can achieve lasting weight loss, they first must heal their body and bring their health back into balance,” she says.

This often requires making practical changes to their diet and lifestyle, she adds.  These changes include:

  • Setting realistic goals
  • Eating nutrient-rich whole foods
  • Staying well hydrated (most of us aren’t)
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Engaging in stress management techniques (yoga, meditation, walking, etc.)
  • Managing your relationship to food and your emotional state overall

“I believe understanding how you eat, how you sleep, how you move, and how you react are vital to optimal health. When those are in balance, true wellness (and weight loss) can begin,” she concludes.

* Doctor Cayelli is an IdealMD affiliated doctor in Anderson, SC. Her integrative, holistic weight-loss program is non  insurance based. It is a 6 month program that empowers you to explore your weight issues and work closely with a medical doctor to address root causes to achieve your healthy weight. Her innovative practice provides you with a doctor who listens and stresses prevention and lifestyle changes before quick weight loss fixes. For more information about Dr. Cayelli and her unique approach, call 864-832-3050 or click here.

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