Innovative ED Therapy Restores Natural Function

You only need to watch television a few minutes or open a magazine to know that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a highly common condition in men.  ED is defined as the inability to develop or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse.  ED affects an estimated 35 million men in the United States, and like many conditions is more prevalent as we age.  At age 40, approximately 40% of men are affected.  The rate increases to nearly 70% by age 70.

ED can be devastating to quality of life and relationships.  It can destroy confidence, intimacy and vitality.  Given the volume and magnitude of the problem, a variety of treatments have emerged through the years.  From oral medications (e.g.s. Viagra,Cialis,Levitra) to injections to vacuum devices, men and their partners are looking to fight the effects of ED.

Unfortunately, these treatments only address the symptoms of ED.  This results in a lack of spontaneity and daily or per encounter dependence on the treatment, as well as potentially unwanted side effects from medications.

An innovation in Acoustic Wave Therapy is restoring natural function to me with ED! Use of pulsed acoustical waves is nothing new.  Well established medical treatments using acoustic waves have been in use for over 30 years in applications such as treating kidney stones, orthopedic conditions, tendonitis, bursitis and more.
It became evident that using low intensity pulsed acoustical waves in the treatment of ED can  disrupt and remove damaged tissue, while stimulating new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis) to the impacted tissue. So, why does this matter?

Healthy blood vessels are essential to a natural and firm erection.  When a man is aroused, increased blood flow to the penis creates expansion and pressure for an erection.  Blood vessels that are poorly functioning due to age or other degenerative factors will impair erectile function. Medications such as Viagra simply act only as “vasodilators” to temporarily dilate the existing poorly functioning blood vessels.

Acoustic Wave Therapy stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms.  Damaged tissue is restored, and new healthy blood vessels grow.  Healthier, more abundant erectile tissue improves circulation and results in natural, firmer longer lasting erections.

An easy treatment course with lasting results. Here’s the music to men’s ears when it comes to treatment course.  The therapy is conducted in-office over a typical series 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no pain medication. And, there is no down-time following treatment.

While results will vary, maintenance treatments are minimal and may not be required more than once a year or less.

Key Take-Aways on Acoustic Wave Therapy versus other ED Therapies

Here’s some of the key advantages of Acoustic Wave Therapy versus other ED therapies:

  • No Medication
  • No Injections
  • Shown results in men who have not responded to ED medications (e.g. Viagra)
  • Non-Invasive, Painless in-office procedure
  • Addresses Cause, not just the symptoms
  • Short Treatment course with no daily regimen
  • Long-Term Results with typically minimal maintenance
  • Cost-Effective versus chronic use of symptom-focused therapies

Acoustic Wave Therapy is another exciting new innovation in the realm of regenerative therapies that help the body heal itself.  If you’d like to learn more, call 864-603-6995 or email info@idealmd for a discreet consultation.


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