IdealMD: The Cure for The Health Benefits Blues

Frustration was the word he used over and over. He provided health benefits to his employees—at great expense he reminded me—but his employees never appreciated them or worse, never used them.

This did not surprise me, after all, a recent Aflac Workforces Report for Small Businesses found only 12% of small business employees say they are satisfied with their current health benefits plan.

Upon drilling down to the core of the subject, I determined the problem came down to 3 reasons:

1. Out-of-pocket costs: co-pays and deductibles costs employees money
2. Access: employees waited weeks to see a doctor
3. Time away from work: it’s a minimum half-day process, which in turn leads to lost productivity and/or pay

I could sense his frustration. He really wanted to take care of his employees, but the mental pain and dollar cost of providing a benefit to his employees was becoming a burdensome liability he no longer wanted to deal with.

IdealMD Can Help

I explained to him that our solution was primary care (90% of most employee’s medical care) without the hassles and costs of dealing with a group insurance plan.

That our program was unique in the aspect that it uses Direct Primary Care Doctors as its foundation. These are highly experienced doctors who not only treat your employees acute and urgent care needs, but help foster healthy lifestyle choices, prevention of disease, weight loss, stress management, and nutrition.

And it addresses the 3 big issues of his current plan.

1. Out-pocket-expenses: there are no copays or deductibles to worry about
2. Access: doctor offers same or next day appointments and 24-hour access
3. Time away from work: no waiting to see the doctor; employees are seen and back to work more quickly

In addition, his company benefits from:

  • Price Transparency
  • Durable cost control
  • Out-of-pocket savings for employees
  • A superior employee experience with health benefits

The Bottom Line

IdealMD’s innovative approach brings back the value to your health benefits and addresses the cost and service inefficiencies that plague most mainstream health benefits plans –most importantly, it takes the frustration out of them.

To Your Health,

Shawn Fox
Co-Founder IdealMD

If you’re ready for a positive solution to your health benefit woes and costs, call today 844-IdealMD (433-2563) and we can discuss how IdealMD can help.

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