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Ready to Build Your Dream Practice?

Let’s face it – Growing a healthy direct pay practice is no easy feat!

Your passion is medicine and making the greatest impact in your patients’ lives. But marketing, sales, billing and a host of uncharted business challenges can be dangerous obstacles in the path to your dream practice.

IdealMD fuels practices offering direct pay services with highly experienced resources to achieve healthy growth. And, our Success-Based business model means no financial risk to put us to work for you.

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Interested in finding out if IdealMD is a fit for you?

We know your time is valuable, so the first step is a brief introductory meeting to discuss your practice.  What’s working well?  Where are the key challenges? What is your vision for the practice, and how fast do you need to get there?

From this meeting, we will both have a good idea if it makes sense for us to conduct an Opportunity Analysis.  If so, we’ll conduct the analysis and discuss results at no cost to you.

To schedule and Introductory Meeting, call us at 844-433-2563 (or complete the quick Let’s Talk form).

Our Services

IdealMD supports key business functions to help you build and maintain a healthy patient base:


Have you ever felt this way? “We have a great service – why aren’t more people signing up?”

Sales may be the most underestimated challenge small businesses face.  Lack of Sales can  starve a business, while Sales at an unprofitable price point and/or to the wrong clients can cause equal damage.

IdealMD strengthens your practice with a dedicated team of Consultative Sales professionals that stay 100% focused on bringing you the right patients.  Key Sales functions include:

Lead Capture

Prompt, reliable capture of new patient opportunities.  When potential patients call or email they will be greeted by a live Program Advisor, ensuring you don’t miss opportunities.

Opportunity Management

Using our proven consultative process and robust sales management technology, our Program Advisors will qualify prospects’ needs, align those needs with your offerings and actively manage the entire sales process.

Performance Reporting

We’ll keep a clear picture of your Sales forecast, performance by category and the the key factors driving your success.

Value Maximization

Do you offer multiple services in your practice?  Our Program Advisors will help you maximize value to patients by keeping patients aware of offerings and how they can benefit their health and wellness goals.


Marketing is a dangerous, ever-changing frontier where money can vaporize fast.  For small businesses, there isn’t usually much room for wagering big dollars or making too many costly mistakes.

IdealMD will augment your Marketing efforts with strategic campaigns we manage.  We will magnetize prospects to both the services you offer and to you as a top-flight physician.

Here’s a few examples of how IdealMD can enhance your Marketing at no expense to you:

  • Social media
  • Original Blogs
  • Email Broadcasts & Nurturing Campaigns
  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • IdealMD Website Profile

Managing Billing & Collections for healthy cash flow relies upon a solid billing system, refined processes and proactive resources.  Without these components, billing can quickly get behind schedule, suffer errors and collections can age fast.

IdealMD is equipped with the robust systems, processes and professionals to keep your billing accurate and cash flow strong, while giving your patients a smooth and easy experience.

Our Billing & Collections services include:

  • Subscription Creating & Management
  • Invoicing & Payment Method Management
  • Proactive Collections & Reporting

Our Leadership Team at IdealMD has decades of experience in founding and growing successful businesses.  Here’s a few examples of areas we can help you keep your practice on track and take it where you want it to go:

Pricing & Profitability Analysis

Pinpoint total cost-of-service and develop healthy pricing for patients and you

Service Program Design

Offer programs and packages your audience wants and keeps

Administrative Efficiency

Streamline functions to keep your focus on patient experience

Expense Management

Capitalize on opportunities to trim unnecessary costs

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