We all know the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent. You invest a lot in your leaders, so it’s important they are healthy and at their best.

IdealMD’s Executive Edge™ program gives your leaders the superior healthcare they need to perform their best – all year long!
Our program starts with a Comprehensive Annual Physical Examination.
Then, we take it to the next level with unmatched access to a top-flight personal doctor.

Key benefits of the Executive Edge™ program include:

    Comprehensive, Personalized Annual Physical Examination

  • Expanded diagnostic testing beyond standard physical exams
  • Expanded labs focused on optimal health
    Flexible, Direct Access to a personal physician

  • Same or next day office visits, direct line to doctor, messaging, video-conferencing
  • Mobile phone access to doctor (can call anytime)
    Insurance-Free Primary Care

  • Our Direct Care model minimizes insurance expense – for both the company and employee
    Proactive Wellness Guidance from an experienced MD

  • Our doctors focus on building wellness versus reactive “sick care”
Group health insurance provides financial coverage, but it doesn’t deliver optimal health care to keep your leaders at their peak performance.
IdealMD’s Executive Edge™ program sets your company apart from the competition. And, our direct business model empowers your company to offer a premium benefit that’s also cost-effective.
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