Personal Healthcare™ is About You.

Personal Healthcare™ relies upon doctors with the time and freedom to know their patients like family and actively support their health. IdealMD removes the obstacles facing doctors in today’s healthcare system, so you can focus on patient care instead of billing codes.

Are you tired of:

  • Complex billing codes dictating care?
  • Working for the insurance companies instead of your patients?
  • Fighting to outwork a system driven by quantity vs. quality?
  • Increasing compliance costs and risk factors?

Do you want to:

  • Practice medicine your way?
  • Know your patients like family?
  • Gain control of your practice and minimize risk factors?
  • Have the time to fully support your patients’ needs?
Learn More Today. IdealMD affiliated doctors own practices with:

Small Patient Panels

Averaging 70-80% smaller patient panels gives you the time needed to provide high availability and unrushed care.

Patient-Focused Medicine

Freedom from the bureaucracy of insurance-dictated care allows you to focus completely on the patient.

Healthy Operations

A clean, free market business model supported by IdealMD’s proven expertise to give you more control and time to practice medicine.

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