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  • A Better Way to Take Your Vitamins

    When it comes to diet and nutrition, we do not always have the time to eat right. So instead, we turn to vitamins and nutritional supplements to make up the difference. But did you know that many of those vitamins and nutritional supplements cannot be digested properly when taken

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  • Natural Hair Rejuvenation

    It is estimated that approximately 56 million Americans are affected by hair loss, and up to 40% are women! Hair loss can be upsetting, embarrassing and damaging to your confidence  it can even limit career opportunities. Although there are many viable options (and twice as many dubious ones), they

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  • Medicine Not Working? Pharmacogenomics May Help

    Have you ever wondered why a medicine did not work for you when it worked for someone else? Or why you had a side effect from your medication while others taking the same drug did not? The answer is simple: medications affect everyone differently. Some individuals may have mild

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  • Stem Cells: The Pinnacle of Regenerative Medicine

    Stem cells are the “building blocks” of our body. They are the foundation of the body’s billions of specialized cells that form organs like the brain, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. However, when tissue (especially in joints) is injured, the old cells are not replaced.  This results

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