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  • It’s a Simple Question

    Next time you’re at the doctor’s office, ask if they’re happy. It’s a simple, but important question; because research shows unhappy doctors often make for unhappy, anxious, dissatisfied patients. On the flip side, research shows that patients of happy doctors are more likely to show up for their appointments

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  • America’s Sick Care System

    Our country has a sick care system, not a health care system. For last 50 or so years, the United States has approached public healthcare in a backwards fashion — it treats people after they are sick rather than focusing on helping them stay healthy in the first place.

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  • Eric’s Story

    “I just wanted to go home and do nothing.  I had reached the point in my health that I had no energy, didn’t feel good, and just seemed to be stuck in a malaise in life and in health,” said Eric Holland. Eric had reached a weight of 305

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  • Revitalizing the Doctor’s Visit

    Hello, “Let’s take our time and make sure we cover everything on your mind.” – When is the last time you heard these words from a primary care doctor? Sadly, this is becoming a rarity in the typical healthcare setting.  The average visit is around 12 minutes these days, and

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