About Us

Our Purpose

IdealMD empowers doctor-patient relationships for optimal wellness.

We do this by building direct care programs that liberate the doctor and patient to work proactively together on wellness.

Our model creates the time and freedom for doctors to build close relationships with their patients and provide services that enrich health and vitality.

Our Story

IdealMD Co-Founder, Bryce Kaspar, saw great opportunity outside “the system”.

Bryce at FallsBryce grew up surrounded by doctors. His Father an Internist and Stepmother an OB-GYN.  Over many years, he gained an inside look at the challenges facing doctors and patients in the insurance-driven health system.  Bryce saw the growing frustration as their profession was diminished by a mountain of red tape and patient relationships were reduced to hurried “sick care”.  Fixing this broken system seemed insurmountable, but Bryce saw a healthier path.

As a widely successful entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity to create a model that put the doctor and patient in direct control of their relationship. Instead of a reactive setting fixated on illness, the doctor’s medical expertise would be unlocked to provide active guidance and services that helped people achieve optimal wellness throughout their lives.

From this vision of the “Ideal” doctor-patient relationship, Bryce and Co-Founder Shawn Fox (an experienced leader in the healthcare industry) called upon great minds in medicine and business to craft IdealMD’s direct model. The ease of access and wide range of wellness and healthy aging services provided by IdealMD-affiliated physicians are changing more lives for the better every day.

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