Healthier Benefits. Lower Costs.

Is your company sick of paying more for health benefits every year, while getting less benefit for your dollar? IdealMD’s direct primary care program empowers you to gain more control of benefits cost and provide a wellness-driven primary care solution your employees – and your bottom line – will love.

IdealMD connects employers with first-class doctors who have the time and freedom to provide your employees comprehensive primary care. We separate insurance (which should be for the “big stuff”) from the doctor/patient relationship that fosters wellness and personal guidance to stay well. The result is a happier, healthier workforce and overall benefit cost savings averaging 10-15%.

Key features include:

Personalized wellness for employees


  • Unique benefit supporting employee retention


Easy, fast and flexible access for employees to their personal doctor


  • When health issues are addressed early, sick leave goes down


Cost savings for employer and employees


  • Employers have a highly controllable, fee simple primary care benefit
  • Employees shed primary care co-pays and the need for urgent care centers


Simplified benefit renewal process


  • Separating insurance from care reduces the cost and clutter in benefit plans


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